PrograMaker - About

Your things, your rules
PrograMaker is an Open Source platform to easily program services and devices using visual tools.
Try it!
Create your own automations with MIT's Scratch
Connect devices to databases
Add logic to existing services
Or add graphic elements with our editor
The web you are reading now is built like this! Check it here.
Develop collaboratively
Both on Scratch programs and Flows.
Batteries included
PrograMaker comes pre-loaded with blocks to connect with services, no assembly required.
Plug-in your own services
With a bit of Python it's possible to create new blocks for other services.
Use PrograMaker's functions on your own services
PrograMaker exposes a simple API which can be used by other services to interact with the blocks you have created or connected to in the platform.
See how to use PrograMaker's Google Sheets add-on to enrich your spreadsheets by getting data from 3rd party services:
The best is yet to come
PrograMaker is ready to use right now, but we have lots of ideas for the future. Still, two minds think better than one. Got any doubt? Ideas? Contact us on
Ok, so cards on the table. The goal of PrograMaker is to be useful to as many people as possible. To do this, it will remain free (as in free-of-charge) for normal users as long as it can be possible done.
But, to support further development, we will require funds. Right now there are no user tiers, but in the future some benefits will be given to paying users, such as higher resource limits. (Note that those resource limits don't exist now.)
Our goal is to make the pricing fair, and thus, will be tied to the amount of resources used (operations executed, information flowing through the platform, pages served, ...) and, as long as it's feasible, will be usage-based. This way you don't pay for what you don't use.
Lock-in (lack of)/portability
Right now, because of the unstable pricing, you might be concerned about getting locked-in a platform. To help with this, we maintain a tool [prmkrctl] which can help moving programs between deployment of PrograMaker, so you can copy your programs to your own deployment at any moment.